Our Company

Hello, my name is Tom Jones and I am excited and honored to be able to take a moment and tell you about TOTAL HOME INSPECTION SERVICES. Throughout this website you will find out what services we have to offer and how we are different from most, if not all, the other inspection companies. But first I would like to explain to you why I started this company and why I believe that you will not find a better Home Inspection service. I REMEMBER what it felt like (especailly with our first home) to go through the home buying process. Our heads were spinning with thoughts of excitement of buying our dream house and total fear of wondering if this was "the right" house. I remember how much trust my wife and I put into the Home Inspector's report. The expectation that he would take care of us and not let us walk into a situation that we would regret later. Well unfortunatley this really did not happen for us and we absorbed a lot of expense that we not expecting. I now use those memories as the fuel that drives my desire to treat everyone of my clients' homes as if i were my own.

Fully Qualified

I have completed the rigorous 56 hour certified home inspector education training program offered by Homespec Training Institution in Canton, Ohio. I then completed the intense requirments of becoming a Certified Professional Home Inspector through the coveted Inter National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI). Prior to that I completed my degree in Civil Engineering and presently am licenced in the State of Ohio as Professional Land Surveyor and also an Engineer in Training. I worked in the field of residential and commercial development for over 25 years. I started this company mainly because I felt it was a great opportunity to help people get through, what can often be a very confusing and very stressful decision making process of buying a home. Buying a new home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. A professional inspection by Total Home Inspection Services will significantly reduce your risk and help make the entire home buying process easier and less stressful. I truely enjoy helping my clients and pride myself in making their concerns and  customer service my highest priority.

included with every Home Inspection

As part of every inspection I complete, my cients recieve this well written home maintenance book that will help them make the major components of the house last as long as possible.